Willamette Week : "Small Million Merges Americana and Synth Pop to Defy Superficial Genre Expectations"

Small Million's new single, "Bullets in the Bower," starts off as an a cappella folk ballad. Frontwoman Malachi Graham delivers the pastoral opening lyrics in her powerful twang: "There's bullets in the bower/Where you and I entwine/Like willow and the flower/We soon will leave behind." Then, the synths kick in. Produced by Ryan Linder, Small Million's other half, the electronic instrumentation builds from just a bassy rumble to a full-on dance anthem backed by drum machine and an EDM-indebted synth hook.

"Bullets in the Bower" is the lead single from Small Million's new EP, Young Fools, which the duo will self-release this week. Since they formed a few years ago, the Portland duo have been steadily building local hype for their effortless fusion of synth pop and roots music. But Small Million isn't a crossover gimmick. For Graham, Small Million is a way to defy the superficial expectations of genre. "Sometimes there are some tropes of a girl with the guitar and some limitations there," she says. "So to get to work with Ryan and really just blow the lid off is such a treat."

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