PopMatters Premieres "Bullets in the Bower" and "Outro" Music Video

Portland's Small Million are at it again with the forthcoming Young Fools, an EP comprised of twilit melodies and passionate, layered lyrics and vocals. The synthpop duo's sound is innovative and darkly captivating, capable of pulling audiences in with pop-accessible hooks only to keep them around for the scintillating stories and sounds that come with them. Richly emotive and produced, Ryan Linder and Malachi Graham's latest Small Million venture is set to release on 12 October.

"Bullets in the Bower" and "Outro (Cathedral)" are the two tracks that comprise the end of Young Fools. The finesse with which the two separate arrangements are so seamlessly blended is impressive in itself, let alone within the interpretive story Small Million tells in the midst of it all. Washed by ethereal yellow lighting, song and dance come together in this nebulous audiovisual journey to explore the profundity of impassioned lyrics meshed with an interpretative presentation.

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