"As Malachi Graham’s vocals echo over [Ryan Linder's] plush, well-produced instrumentals, the melodies feel cathartic, building the song towards the climactic, richly textured conclusion — one that feels like a long, emotional release." —The Wild Honey Pie

"Graham wails over Linder’s electronic pulses as myriad harmonies swirl on the EP—the juxtaposition is beautifully cohesive, nostalgia-soaked and demurely danceable.." —Vortex Music Magazine

"In the sparse synths and deeply emotive vocals, the duo found a universal language in their shared love of melody and emotion... [In] Small Million's euphoric debut EP, Before the Fall, you can still hear the Americana-steeped virtuosity in Graham's voice on "Nightblooming" and "Sleep Long," but even at its twangiest, it seems right at home among the twinkling synths and rhythmic loops." –Willamette Week

"Malachi’s delivery stands front and center around an array of vocal-samples and glimmering synths that shine forth like a cave of wonders filled with thousands upon thousands of sparkling rubies." Impose Magazine

"A stellar debut EP." Portland Mercury


Portland duo Small Million (Ryan Linder & Malachi Graham) met on the dance floor and got busy polishing their moody, lyrical synth pop. Rich, textured tracks with soaring melodies; wistful and cautiously optimistic.

Since their song Six Feet was selected for the PDX Pop Now! compilation in 2014, they have been hard at work crafting songs that blend Malachi's melodic roots in Americana with Ryan's eclectically influenced electronic layering. They released their debut EP, Before the Fall, in June 2016 and were called one of "Five Portland artists to watch" by Vortex Magazine.


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